Save the Endangered Species


I created a wonderful campaign for full integration for the public, but you will have to call me if you want to find out more.

Recycle Water Bottles – Yes that’s a Good Idea!

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Trying to launch a Political Campaign is never easy, however with the right name – things can go better. This campaign was imagined probably 8 years ago. After getting the domain and launching a ‘soft” push in the marketing, we quickly realized this would require more help. If you think you can help launch this with us, please contact me. I never understood why exactly they were never recycled in the first place. Please visit

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I am still not fond of the “look” of those QR Code or in this Case a QVCard. Snap it using a Reader and you will have my contact info. It’s too simple for the average user, NOT! I like to think of this as both modern + hippie feel; a feeling of couch relaxing mixed with curiosity.


This is me – Kimberly.

profilepicThis is me, Kimberly Bizon. Yeah– I know I have my “serious” look going on. Most of the time, I am all smiles working with web developers and the Clients. I have an absolute great time creating unique websites that have plenty of interactivity, engagement and functionality to make your business better. If I am not working on my laptop, skyping with clients, then I am off on a sailboat racing for 1st place. Life is truly what you make! (health provided).